High-tech for the doctor
and the patient

Groundbreaking innovations that exceed
the highest requirements and standards

Minimally invasive implantation prevails

Minimally Invasive procedures are the future. This is true for medicine as for dentistry. Because the minimally invasive implantation is carried out easily by the dentist and extremely patient- friendly, safe , fast and inexpensive.   

Groundbreaking in handling and function

Nature Implants has recognized this clear trend  and made it their goal to develop forward-looking implants that set new standards in terms of handling and function and are at the same time very close to the ingenuity of the human tooth root.To create products that are extremely gentle on the patient to use to facilitate the work of the dentist , secure and affordable for everyone. 

Made in Germany from A to Z

The result is a standardized implant concept - Made in Germany from the initial idea to the finished product. It is also ideally suited for the experienced implant specialists as possible for beginners, who can then open up a new business. Because with the new implants of nature Implants in the future referrals to specialists will no longer be necessary. Due to the relatively low intervention, the introduction of nature Implants implants is easy to learn for each dentist 

One product - many innovations

The one-piece implants of nature Implants combine a variety of pioneering innovations in it. The completely new thread geometry ensures an unprecedented level of primary stability. In addition, the hexagonal implant head guarantees an optimal protection against rotation. And the built-in platform switching prevents bacteria migrate into the sulcus. The material  used for the implants of nature Implants is titanium grade four , which not only meets the requirements of purity and hardness, but still outperforms it.

Add to this a high quality surface finish that is made exclusively from leading companies in the industry in order to always meet the highest standards. In addition to straight one-piece implants , the range of nature Implants also offers those with an angulation of 15 degrees.

All Implanate are available in lengths of 13 mm, 11 mm, 9 mm, 7 mm and with a diameter of 3.0 mm , 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm. 

nature implants: A new generation of implants…

In our courses we provide Umsteiger and newcomers the concept of minimally invasive implantation on the basis of innovative implants of Nature Implants. Take advantage of the possibilities of this pioneering procedure that offers a variety of advantages described for dentists as well as for their patients. We wish you an interesting and insightful training.

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